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Hi, I'm Carmine Antonio Vaj a.k.a. Deep Deejay, r12 school recrew.

In my life I've always liked music, in fact since I was a child, I used to listen to Queen, Rolling Stones and Beatles with my parents. Receiving my first cd player I started making Italo dance music compilations, then moving on to much darker and hypnotic sounds like: techno, minimal and progressive.

I always went to the events of the "Matrix" to follow my favorite DJs, like Ricky Le Roy, 00Zicky and Paco Ymar, from there I went to the rave scene for a few years, returning then to today when I fell in love with the tech house and techno, thanks also to Carl Cox, who is still my undisputed idol.

I started my career as a DJ in the tourist villages thanks also to my superior of the time who saw in me the potential in that sector, and today I also decided to study at the r12 school specializing in the music production sector.

Currently I perform in various clubs in the Milan hinterland, both as a resident and as a guest, in the past also work in the tourist villages of Eden Viaggi.

Follow me on social networks to keep you updated on my latest productions and news, ciao!



Slot Available (Sun 8-10am)

Sunday 08:00 - 10:00