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We both went to school together and hung out during 6th form but then went on to get random jobs during this time. Craig bought a pair of 2nd hand technic 1210s, one needed a service but they were good to go after that.

For years we spent time mixing techno and drum and bass at at night after work. Went to clubs and illegal raves searching for great music and good times. We were also part of a local sound system which took us around the country too, even Lakota night club in Bristol and as far as Toulouse in France... but all of that is behind us.

I (The FI5TH) spend most of my time working as a plasterer and making music and Craig works as a meter reader, and we both still buy records and mix together on Friday night's and weekends. So this show is just a broadcast of a typical evening out of our lives, when music brings us together and is essentially part of the bond which is our friendship. Cold beers and hot records. #ENJOYDNB #vinylbois



Basswise Archives

Sunday 00:00 - 08:00